Lisa Wynne Salvatore

Alternative Wellness Advocate

Lisa Wynne Salvatore is nationally licensed and certified in the field of Alternative Wellness Management, fusing formal studies of nutrition and allied health sciences with physiognomy, aromatherapy, massage therapy and aesthetics.

Over the past 30 years, Lisa's work is grounded in a solid understanding of the symbiosis between appropriate food choices and overall physical well-being. Focusing on nutritional guidance to help promote optimal health and vitality, Lisa's dedication to research in the fields of topical and nutritional products, along with her innovative approach to individualized client services, has been the foundation in the development and success of her private practice.

Environmentally conscious, Lisa has developed therapies and products that are never tested on animals and are preserved naturally without the use of harmful chemicals and synthetics. All components used are cultivated organically or wild-crafted, while wholly supporting sustainable agriculture.

Redefining health and dietary advice, Lisa Wynne Salvatore's philosophy is about personally discovering what nourishes you, what feeds you and ultimately what makes your life extraordinary.

Professional Credentials

Institute for Human Individuality - IFHI Fellow of the Institute, Certified in the Genotype Principles

Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Affiliate of Columbia University Licensed and Certified Healthcare Coach

Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy & Allied Health Science Licensed Massage Therapist

Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy Certified Aromatherapist

Christine Valmy International Licensed Aesthetician

Pet Massage Institute Certified Canine Massage Therapist

Member of The Delta Society Certified Pet Partner

Member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners