1. - Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo ND, MIFHI: Author of "Eat Right 4 Your Type" and "The GenoType Diet" and the founder of The Center for Personalized Medicine.
  2. - Dr. Ginger Nash ND, IFHI: Educator and sought after speaker on womens' health and wellness.
  3. - Gary Camillo, dedicated fitness instructor, specializes in one-on-one training with a 25 year commitment to physical fitness for all ages.
  4. - largest health related website
  5. - colon hydrotherapy
Organic Food
  1. - the best bee pollen and delicious coconut cream
  2. - great array of foods
  3. - for vital mineral earth and great digestive enzymes
  4. - "Planetary Herbals Liquid Stevia Extract" - my only choice for Stevia!
Skin Care
  1. - all-time, number one, favorite skin care line
  2. - flower therapy, "Silken Velvet" body lotion, and white chocolate lip balm
  3. - "Pack Your Bags They're Leaving" eye gel, "Skincredible" face lotion
Pet Care
  1. - "Canine Comfort" for digestion
  2. - homeopathy
  3. - my dog, Scuttles' favorite local Canine Center and Alma Mater!